tirsdag 28. oktober 2014

One lump or two? Home made sugarcubes

Homemade sugarcubes.
Why not make someting yourself to give away next time you go visiting.

For this little project you will need:
Granulated sugar
candymolds or any kind of small molds
distilled/bottled water
Latex/vinyl gloves

1 lb granulated sugar
2 tbs destilled water
In a bowl mix water and food coloring ad the sugar and mix until you get a grainy wet sand mixture look.
I divided the ingredients in two batches so I would have two different colored shapes.

Pack the mixture in the moulds as hard as you can, but not so hard that your moulds break.

Put the molds aside to dry for about 12 hours depending on the thickness of your shapes. If they come out easily when you tap the moulds the they are done.

Put the shapes in little plastic baggies or boxes and there you have a small gift for someone who has everything.

lørdag 25. oktober 2014

Wooden placemats, DIY

Homemade placemats or tablerunners.
This idea I got from my children, they tried to camuflage a present they bought for me. They taped wooden sticks together and made two boards and squeezed my gift in between before they wrapped it.

The wooden sticks they used is something I hag bought a a while back and was just lying on a shelf in the garage, I had bought them for stiring paint and they were really cheap. They also used duct tape, not the prettiest material but it will not show when the placemats are in use.                 
For place mats or tablerunners place the sticks together in a row and the lenght you want your placemats or tablerunners to be.
Tape them tight together with the duct tape, two strips is enoug, one by each edge.
It has been two years sice I made these placemats and the tape still holds the paintsticks together and they have been in use regularly.
Easy, cheap and chic:)

onsdag 22. oktober 2014

Apple muffins in homemade bakingcups

Easy apple muffins made with tart and crisp apples

Don't you just love the smell and taste of fresh baked applemuffins and apecially with apples that you pick from your own garden.

DIY for homemade baking cups look HERE

I used to have a garden with five old appletrees and every fall they gave us a lot of fruit enoug for cake and muffins, applesauce and juice, one year we got as much as 300 liters of juice, we had enough for a whole year. I miss those trees. Now I have a small tree that had 6 apples this year, just enough for a couple of cakes.

For about 12 muffins
you need:

2-3 apples
1 tbs powdered cinnamon
1 tbs granulated sugar

250 g/8 oz butter
200 g/7 oz sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla ekstract 
250 g/8 oz flour
1,5 tsp bakingpowder
Pre heat the oven to 180 C/350 F
Cut the apples into little cubes
Put the apples in a bowl and add cinnamon and sugar mix and put aside
Beat butter and sugar to a smooth mixture, put the eggs in one by one  and add the vanilla extract
Sift the flour and bakingpouder into a bowl and add it to the butter and egg mixture. Do not beat it too long, just until everything is well blended.

Put your cake batter

Rough and rustic homemade bakingcups

Homemade bakingcups.
Why buy something you easily can make yourself.
For recipe look HERE

These bakingcups I used for the apple muffins are made of bakingpaper, brown wraping paper and decorated with string.

You can use any kind of paper as your outer layer and you can use ribbon to decorate your cups.

Here is how you do it and you need;

  • Squares of paper that are 4"x4" or 10x10 cm
  • Cupcake tray, a cup or glass that fit in the tray
  • String or ribbon

Place the glass upsidedown and put a piece of paper on top and wrap the paper around a glass that fits in your muffin tray.
Place the liners you made in the try and fill them with your cakemix and bake
Do the same with your outer wraper, crunch them around a glass.
Put the baked muffin and the brown paper cups together and tie a string around them.
Rough and rustic, nice way to decorate muffins.

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