lørdag 4. april 2015

Flashy breakfast eggs for easter

How did you decorate your eggs this Easter?
A few minutes before breakfast I decided to decorate ours with some flash tattoos I was going to use on myself, but they probably look way better on the eggs than on a semi old gal like myself, ha ha ha.
Super easy to make. Cut out the figures you want to use, peel the foil off and place them on the egg. 
Wet the back of the paper with a wet cloth for a few seconds and voila you have some gorgeous eggs for breakfast
Happy Easter

torsdag 15. januar 2015

Kitchen chic

I wanted to make an apron that I could put over my dress and still look sharp.
So I designed this dress, sorry I ment apron.

I was standing in front of the mirror, but facing him when my son came ome from school.

Me: What do you think 
Son: I think the dress will look nicer if you loose the pants.
Me: Believe you me, it is better if I keep them on
and then I ture arround.

As you can see it is an apron. I was going to show you this before Christmas, but you know time flies.
Som dere ser er det et forkle.

I posted a little video on Facebook showing this apron and if you want to look you can go HERE.

I wanted to make something that would look nice wether you were wearing a dress or just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
What do you think??
I think it is a little chick.

If I made the front part a wrap around skirt I could wear it as a dress.
Ha ha ha, maybe if I was 20 :)

onsdag 14. januar 2015

French Onion soup

I can recall the first time I tried this soup. It was mid eighties and this was the rave of the bistro scene.
But alas the one I tried was weakm vinegar tasting, the onions seemed cooked in the soup and not caramelized, the bread was just soggy with a few bits of melted cheese. It is safe to say that it took a while before I tried this soup again.
The next time I tried it was heaven sweet and a little sour, with soggy and crisp bread with tons of melting cheese and since then I have eaten and made this soup once in a while.

Ingredients for 4 persons
1 kg onions
2 tbs butter
2 tbs olive ol
1 liter of chickenstock
1 cup of white wine or juice of 1 lemon
A handfull of fresh thyme
 1 tsp sugar
8 slices of stale bread
1-1,5 cups of grated cheese
salt and pepper

Cut the onions into 1/8 inch slices and caramelize it in a pan with butter and oliveoil.
When the onion is nicly caremelizes ad the stock, thyme and sugar. Let it cook for about 15 minutes and ad salt and pepper to taste.
With four of the bread pieces I made cheese topped crutons to give the soup a little crunch, pluss that the bread will not become to soggy right away.
If you do not have oven proof bowls you can just do the step I mentioned above the picture, put your bread slices in the oven with cheese and put them in your soup when finished.

If you have oven proof bowls or want to take a chance like me(I used a large teacup)
Put a breadpiece over your crutons and ad a handfull of cheese and put it in a preheated oven (225 C or 430 F) and bake until the cheese is meltetd and have a nice color.

Serve piping hot and garnish with a little fresh thyme

tirsdag 13. januar 2015

Crispbread pizza

Have you ever tried cripbread pizza?
No, then you should try it.
It is easy to make and healthier to eat.
The crust is almost like an italian pizza crust a mix of soft and crunchy
I used wedged shaped crispbread but you can use any shape you want.

You need crispbread
Pizza sauce
Grated cheese
Topping of your liking

Then cover the pieces with tomato sauce, cheese and topping like you would do with regular pizza.
The nice thing with this pizza is that you can make every piece individual and everybody can get a piece they want as soon the pizza is done. 
Bake the crispbreads in the middle of the oven for about 10 minutes on 200 C or 390 F

tirsdag 28. oktober 2014

One lump or two? Home made sugarcubes

Homemade sugarcubes.
Why not make someting yourself to give away next time you go visiting.

For this little project you will need:
Granulated sugar
candymolds or any kind of small molds
distilled/bottled water
Latex/vinyl gloves

1 lb granulated sugar
2 tbs destilled water
In a bowl mix water and food coloring ad the sugar and mix until you get a grainy wet sand mixture look.
I divided the ingredients in two batches so I would have two different colored shapes.

Pack the mixture in the moulds as hard as you can, but not so hard that your moulds break.

Put the molds aside to dry for about 12 hours depending on the thickness of your shapes. If they come out easily when you tap the moulds the they are done.

Put the shapes in little plastic baggies or boxes and there you have a small gift for someone who has everything.

lørdag 25. oktober 2014

Wooden placemats, DIY

Homemade placemats or tablerunners.
This idea I got from my children, they tried to camuflage a present they bought for me. They taped wooden sticks together and made two boards and squeezed my gift in between before they wrapped it.

The wooden sticks they used is something I hag bought a a while back and was just lying on a shelf in the garage, I had bought them for stiring paint and they were really cheap. They also used duct tape, not the prettiest material but it will not show when the placemats are in use.                 
For place mats or tablerunners place the sticks together in a row and the lenght you want your placemats or tablerunners to be.
Tape them tight together with the duct tape, two strips is enoug, one by each edge.
It has been two years sice I made these placemats and the tape still holds the paintsticks together and they have been in use regularly.
Easy, cheap and chic:)

onsdag 22. oktober 2014

Apple muffins in homemade bakingcups

Easy apple muffins made with tart and crisp apples

Don't you just love the smell and taste of fresh baked applemuffins and apecially with apples that you pick from your own garden.

DIY for homemade baking cups look HERE

I used to have a garden with five old appletrees and every fall they gave us a lot of fruit enoug for cake and muffins, applesauce and juice, one year we got as much as 300 liters of juice, we had enough for a whole year. I miss those trees. Now I have a small tree that had 6 apples this year, just enough for a couple of cakes.

For about 12 muffins
you need:

2-3 apples
1 tbs powdered cinnamon
1 tbs granulated sugar

250 g/8 oz butter
200 g/7 oz sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla ekstract 
250 g/8 oz flour
1,5 tsp bakingpowder
Pre heat the oven to 180 C/350 F
Cut the apples into little cubes
Put the apples in a bowl and add cinnamon and sugar mix and put aside
Beat butter and sugar to a smooth mixture, put the eggs in one by one  and add the vanilla extract
Sift the flour and bakingpouder into a bowl and add it to the butter and egg mixture. Do not beat it too long, just until everything is well blended.

Put your cake batter

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